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Floor Machines

Floor Buffers / scrubbing machines are available in varying size up to 500mm for all applications including scrubbing,shampooing,stripping,sanding and polishing. With speeds from 150 to 1500rpm.

PB-Vac can supply machines suitable for all surfaces including staircase cleaning.

A full range of accessories are also available such as, tanks,weights,pads,brushes and boards.

Numatic NLL332 + NLL102

NLL332+NLL332 small Scrubber Machine complete with water tank
£660.96 inc. VAT

Numatic HFM1015G

HFM1015G Numatic floor buffer (450mm)Standard Speed 150rpm
£848.88 inc. VAT

Numatic HFM1515G

HFM1515G Standard speed 150rpm Note: optional accessories available
£777.60 inc. VAT

Numatic HFM1523G

HFM1523G Medium Speed floor Machine 230rpm
£848.88 inc. VAT

Numatic HFM1530G

HFM1530G Floor Machine 450mm High Speed 300rpm with flexi padloc board
£868.32 inc. VAT

Numatic HFM1545G

HFM1545G Floor Machine 450mm Deck high speed 450rpm c/w spider padloc board
£920.16 inc. VAT

Numatic NR1500S

NR1500S Floor Machine 450mm Standard Speed 150rpm
£861.84 inc. VAT

Numatic HFT1530G

HFT1530 Twin Speed Floor Machine 450mm Daul Speed 150rpm-300rpm
£1108.08 inc. VAT

Numatic HNS1550G

HNS1550G Floor Machine Ultra High speed 1500rpm
£1460.15 inc. VAT