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Vacuums / Back Packs

PB-Vac have a super range of vacuum cleaners like market leading Henry, by Numatic,his stablemates,George, Basil,Edward and Charles, also by Numatic. In addition to Numatic, we can also supply vacs from Hyper,Victor,Nilfisk,truvox and many others.

We can supply Numatic and other manufactures machines from 8 Ltr -114 Ltr capacity,we can provide vacuums for any use including aircraft specification and harzardous conditions.

Numatic Henry HVR200

Numatic ‘Henry’ Hire Mains Powered Tub Vacuum Cleaner
£10.00 inc. VAT

Numatic Numatic RSB 140 Hire

Battery Powered •6 Litre Dry Capacity •30 Minutes Run Time / 3.5 Hour Charge
£ Call inc. VAT

IPC Soteco Leo

12liter 1300watt dry vacuum
£ Call inc. VAT

IPC Soteco GP1/16

16 litre 1300watt dry vacuum
£ Call inc. VAT