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Osprey Steam Cleaner

PB-VAC LTD has become a recognised provider of professional and industrial dry steam cleaning equipment,supplying environmentally friendly steam cleaning solutions for multiple applications and cleaning tasks.

From general cleaning and sanitation to heavy duty cleaning and degreasing, we offer an unrivalled range of dry steam cleaning equipment capable of tackling the toughest and most difficult cleaning tasks with confidence, by simply harnessing the power of water.

Providing our professional customers with the most efficient, innovative and reliable steam equipment has always been at the core of our R&D criteria as is providing cost effective environmentally friendly equipment, hence qualifying for the DEFRA approved water saving technology, further adding value to our customers.

Osprey Robby Jewel

Robby Jewel - Steam Cleaner. Part no M2594 (MACHINE DISCONTINUED SPARE PARTS ONLY)
£291.06 inc. VAT

Hometek HT872

£75.08 inc. VAT

Osprey Robby 3000

Robby 3000 - Steam Cleaner. Part no M0134
£622.55 inc. VAT

Osprey Robby 6000

Robby 6000 - Steam Cleaner. Part no M0145 Cheapest Price on the Internet ex vat 712.50
£987.53 inc. VAT

Osprey Robby SP4 DF

Robby SP4 DF - Steam Cleaner Part no M6004
£883.58 inc. VAT

Osprey Robby Steam & Vac

Robby Steam & Vac - Steam Cleaner. Part No M0172
£923.99 inc. VAT

Osprey Robby HC Pro

Robby HC Pro - Steam Cleaner Part No M4014
£1039.49 inc. VAT

Opsrey Steam & Vac Pro

Steam & Vac Pro - Steam Cleaner. Part no M4011
£1565.61 inc. VAT

Osprey Provap Evo Vac

Provap Evo Vac - Steam Cleaner Part no M6047/M6048
£3108.11 inc. VAT

Osprey Provap GumCart

Provap GumCart - Steam Cleaner. Part No M6049
£2806.65 inc. VAT

Osprey SteamForce Eco

SteamForce Eco - Steam Cleaner. Part No M6054
£2027.03 inc. VAT

Osprey SteamForce 3

SteamForce 3 - Steam Cleaner. Part No M6055
£3118.50 inc. VAT

Osprey SteamForce 6

SteamForce 6 - Steam Cleaner. Part No M6057
£6003.12 inc. VAT

Ospey Steam Force 10

Steam Force 10 - Steam Cleaner Part No M6066
£7536.38 inc. VAT

Osprey SteamForce 20

SteamForce 20 - Steam Cleaner. Part No M6020
£10914.75 inc. VAT

Osprey IS80 OIL

IS80 Oil - Steam Cleaner. Part No M2400157
£13854.23 inc. VAT

Osprey IS18/IS36

IS18/IS36 - Steam Cleaner. Part No M2400167
£18191.25 inc. VAT